Which Australian Prime Minister Signed the Lima Agreement

The Lima Agreement, also known as the Lima Declaration, was signed by the Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke on 14 February 1980. The agreement was signed during the Lima Conference on the International Economic Crisis, which was held in Lima, Peru.

The Lima Agreement was a response to the global economic crisis in the late 1970s, which saw many countries, particularly developing nations, facing severe economic challenges. The agreement aimed to address these challenges by promoting international economic cooperation and development.

Under the Lima Agreement, countries agreed to work together to achieve sustainable economic growth, reduce poverty, and promote social justice. The agreement also called for the establishment of a New International Economic Order, which would seek to address the imbalances and inequalities in the global economy.

Australia`s participation in the Lima Conference and the signing of the Lima Agreement reflected the country`s commitment to international cooperation and development. As a developed nation, Australia recognized that it had a role to play in helping other countries to overcome their economic challenges and achieve sustainable development.

In the years following the signing of the Lima Agreement, Australia continued to play an active role in promoting international economic cooperation and development. The country provided financial assistance and technical support to developing nations, and participated in international forums such as the G20 and the United Nations.

Today, the Lima Agreement remains an important landmark in the history of international economic cooperation. It serves as a reminder of the importance of working together to achieve shared goals and address global challenges. As such, it continues to be relevant to the ongoing efforts to promote sustainable development and social justice around the world.