Termination Of Agreement Vertaling

The agreement between the supplier and the manufacturer did not provide for termination. Both students had done extensive legal research. Even the provisions of the European Civil Code, considered soft law, had been removed from the closet. During their presentation, I repeatedly wondered why the manufacturer did not simply assert respect after the supplier apparently terminated the contract (terminated) without there being a shortage. The confusion was great, especially when the students insisted that the producer could not comply with the case they had just presented. At their request, we changed to Dutch: the supplier seemed to have terminated the contract on its terms. Only then did the penny fall! Finito informs Mr. groot the legal cooling-off period which gives it the right to terminate its settlement agreement without justification within fourteen days of the date of obtaining this agreement. It may do so by sending a written statement to the employer.

Mr de Groot therefore has the right to revoke his decision to accept that agreement within that period. (1) The parties terminate the employment contract by mutual agreement at the initiative of the employer on 1 July 2018 (hereinafter the date of termination). The (fictitious) notice period, which in this case is the employer`s four-month notice period, was taken into account when setting that notice date. Altijd weer een aanleiding voor verwarring: het gebruik van het Engelse woord termination wanneer het gaat om het beëindigen van een naar Nederlands recht. Het is maar net hoe de ander het woord interprète. Two of my master`s students gave a presentation in English, It was about that a supplier of organic raw materials had terminated an agreement for no apparent reason. The question from the client, a producer of organic foods, to his lawyer was whether that was possible, especially since les producent could no longer meet his obligations to his customers. Lorsque les dispositions du présent contrat sont remplies, les parties s`accordent mutuellement la décharge complète et définitive et confirment qu`il n`y a plus de droits au contrat de travail, à la cessation de la relation de travail ou à d`autres fins. Jusqu`à la date de résiliation, M.

de Groot reçoit son salaire habituel et sa rémunération. Jusqu`au 1er mars 2018, M. de Groot continuera à travailler comme d`habitude et s`occupera d`une remise correcte des travaux. À partir du 1er Mars 2018 jusqu`à la date de résiliation, M. de Groot is completely exempt from work and the obligation to appear at work. During this exemption period, no replacement subsidies and travel expenses are due and no new days off are due. All other terms and conditions of employment shall remain in effect until the date of termination if this Agreement does not contain any other provision. Mr de Groot is exempted from the non-competition clause of the employment relationship referred to in Article 9(1), the non-debaucher clause provided for in Article 9(2) of the employment contract and the prohibition of secondary activities referred to in Article 9(3) of the contract of employment. .

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