Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement 2021

The Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement (PSGOA) 2021, is an agreement that sets out the pay and conditions for government employees in Australia. The agreement is the result of negotiations between the government and various public sector unions and has been in effect since 1 July 2021.

The PSGOA 2021 includes provisions for both base salary increases and lump-sum payments to eligible employees. The agreement also provides for increased superannuation contributions for most employees and sets out a range of other entitlements and benefits, including leave entitlements, allowances, and a flexible working arrangements policy.

One significant change in the PSGOA 2021 is the introduction of a new classification structure for government employees. The new structure is intended to provide greater clarity and transparency around job classifications and career progression pathways, and to assist in attracting and retaining skilled and experienced staff.

The agreement also includes a range of measures aimed at improving workplace culture and addressing issues such as discrimination, harassment, and bullying. These measures include the establishment of a new code of conduct for government employees, strengthened processes for addressing complaints of workplace misconduct, and training programs for employees and managers on respectful workplace behaviour.

Other key provisions of the PSGOA 2021 include provisions for greater recognition of prior learning and experience, improved access to professional development opportunities, and new initiatives to support the mental health and wellbeing of government employees.

As with any agreement of this nature, there has been some criticism from both employers and employees. Some have argued that the pay increases and other benefits provided for in the agreement are not sufficient to address the cost of living pressures facing many government employees, particularly in high-cost areas such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Despite these concerns, the PSGOA 2021 represents an important milestone in the ongoing relationship between the government and its employees. By providing clarity around job classifications and career progression pathways, and by addressing issues such as workplace culture and mental health, the agreement helps to ensure that Australia`s public sector is well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future.