Vendor Demonstration Agreement

Insurance coverage for products offered at the university on an evaluation, trial or loan basis is normally provided by the seller. The university may accept the risk in some cases, as approved by risk management. Federal regulators have stepped up their scrutiny and other agreements and have expressed concerns about the content of some of these agreements. Organizations should be careful before entering into such agreements and avoid suppliers or suppliers approving products. Suppliers who make the property available to the university for evaluation, trial version or loan must complete a product evaluation letter or product evaluation agreement. UW Medicine carefully reviews proposals for demonstration sites to ensure that they clearly support the training, training and information exchange of teachers/practitioners, instead of only serving as a marketing tool for suppliers. In appropriate circumstances, UW Medicine will consider entering into demonstration localization agreements with providers focused on initial and continuing education in relation to the equipment/equipment. Technology is an important and important part of healthcare. The most modern equipment is often essential to achieve the highest quality of supply. Device and device manufacturers are often keen to showcase their technologies in a medical environment and may attempt to enter into product demonstration localization agreements (sometimes referred to as “Show Site” agreements by suppliers) with UW Medicine hospitals and clinics.

Increasingly, healthcare facilities across the country, including UW Medicine, are increasingly relying on site visits to fully evaluate suppliers` products before purchasing in a real-world clinical environment….