Fidelity Account Customer Agreement

Margin Privilege`s additional application for Fidelity is signed and dated by the account holder and a WIS principle. If the number one account and an IRA account are already opened, please skip 1-2 The account holder authorizes the account holder to set up incoming efts from his private or retirement accounts. Can also be used for the systematic purchase of investment funds. Use this form for your Select Access account to: Upgrade or Downgrade Select Access Account – Add or delete debit card features and select an Access account. With this form, you can set up, modify or delete permanent bank transfers, electronic transfers (“EFT”), logging instructions and/or payment on your broker account. Do not use this form for Premiere Select® retirement accounts. This form must be completed if the registration on the certificate deposited on a Fidelity account does not comply with the registration of the broker account. This agreement describes the characteristics and policies associated with the account. Use this app to create a first reprocessing plan – 401 (k) profit sharing account. This form allows you to authorize the transfer of assets currently in another company to your brokerage account with Fidelity Clearing – Custody Solutions. Sent to clients who have alternative investments in their pension account. This form allows you to send currencies that are currently in your account to Fidelity Clearing – Custody Solutions (Fidelity) to a bank account that you list below. If you do not hold the currency, you must exchange currencies before sending this form.

This form allows you to open a 529 plan brokerage account at WIS, which will be held by National Financial Services LLC (“NFS”), to add, update or change the trusted contact required on the account if you add a guardian or curator to an EXISTING IRA account. In addition to the form, the corresponding court documents must also be used to process the application. Confirms the validity and effectiveness of a permanent power of attorney (“POA”) on the client`s account. But the POA agent has to sign. NOTE: Notary document, but the signature guarantee is acceptable. Confirmation form that the employer can read and understand the fees and allowances that National Financial Services LLC may receive as part of the account maintenance. The signed form is filed with the adoption agreement. The applicant, whose name appears on the support application, creates a traditional individual pension account (in accordance with section 408 (a) of the Internal Income Code) to provide for retirement and assistance to beneficiaries after death.

This form (for accounts not activated internationally) allows you to convert the U.S.